What forms of support does Bidayyat offer?

Bidayyat offers two forms of support for your film projects: 1) Yearly grant for mid-length documentary films. 2) Production of short films, experimental films, and mid-length documentaries throughout the year.

Does the application language have to be Arabic?

Yes, please send your application only in Arabic language.

How can I apply for a grant or production by Bidayyat?

You can apply throughout the year for Bidayyat's support to implement your short or experimental film or documentary film project. Please send a summary of your film project that explains the main idea, your motivation to this film and how you imagine the visual treatment. Also, add information about the estimated duration you will need to implement your film project and the costs you anticipate. In case you have supporting materials like files or samples of previous works of up to 100 MB,  please send it with the previous information uploaded on Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox..etc. Send all these to:

To benefit from Bidayyat's yearly documentary grant you should preferably hold a first experience in documentary film making, be the project holder of the project you want to submit for the grant and be of Syrian or Palestinian-Syrian nationality. Please note that preference is given to film projects of Syrians still residing in Syria or in neighboring countries.

When can I apply?

Throughout the year, Bidayyat supports you in the production of your  film projects in the categories of short film, experimental film and mid-length documentary film.

As for Bidayyat's yearly documentary film grant, check regulary the announcements on our website and social media pages. 

I still need further clarification, even after reading the application details and FAQs. How can I contact you?

For further clarifications please contact us on the following: or


I am not of Syrian nationality, can I still apply for the grant or production by Bidayyat?

Please note that only Syrians and Palestinian Syrians can apply for Bidayyat's support as our main objective is to contribute to the development of Syrian documentary cinema.